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expatsinafrica's Journal

Expats in Africa
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This community is managed by congogirl. I am a member of expats, which I have found interesting and helpful. There are a lot of members posting from Northern countries, however, which is a different world from my experience. So, I am setting up this community for those of you who are expats in Africa or have been expats in Africa. If you have not yet taken the plunge, please feel free to add this community as your friend, and once you are an expat in Africa, come and join.

This community is intended to be a forum for discussion of anything related to being an expat in Africa. While this may include administrative questions and seeking advice from other expats, I would like to reserve this space primarily for sharing experiences and exploring ideas and issues related to being an expat in Africa.

If you have logistical questions, you might want to try posting on expatriates or expats.
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